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tv   Headline News  RT  July 30, 2014 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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foreigners twitter. and instagram. to be in the know. this is an affront to all of us the source of universal shame today the will stands disgraced israeli tanks open fire on a un schooling gallus a were hundreds of civilians were sheltering from the dealer strikes tel aviv officials are denying anything the spied evidence to the contrary . the u.s. and e.u. look to pressure russia's financial and energy sectors in a fresh round of economic sanctions targeting some of the country's largest organizations european business is warned the move is likely to backfire. heavier terrorist attacks target times across eastern ukraine leaving residents day houses destroyed twenty seven people were killed in three days in one city alone.
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you're tuned into r t international a with you a round the clock my name is you know neil welcome our top story at least nineteen civilians including children were killed during the is really shelling of a un school you can see the pictures of the aftermath here hundreds had been seeking some sort of protection in the hope of escaping the daily bombardments there. last night children were killed as they slept next to their parents on the floor of a classroom in the un designated shelter children killed in the sleep this is an affront to all of us the source of universal shame today the world stands to scrape first un agency spokes person sees their initial assessment shows it was really
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artillery that hit the school whoever the israeli ambassador to russia the truth behind the story is being obscured. the selling of the direction of the when school was taking place when the building with empty everything that the palestinians showed in the media was a staged insinuation in israel is denying any responsibility for the number of deaths all matched that committed by the israeli side in this attack. correspondent harvey fear went to the un school he stated on his twitter feed that he saw blood and body parts country of course to tel aviv's claims here's his report from the scene. after a heavy night of fighting in which at least one hundred twenty palestinians were killed the hostilities continue just in the last few hours we've seen this significant strike on this the united nations run school being used as a shelter by hundreds of families eyewitnesses say the least five israeli tank
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shells hit the complex different parts of the complex including classrooms belonging to normally school girls at least eight palestinian children were killed say eyewitnesses at least three women including at least one pregnant woman and also united nations security guards for this complex it's the second time in less than two weeks the nice united nations run shelter has come under fire we've been catching up with those most severely affected with worms during these ongoing hostilities. it's hard to fathom how such bars devastation can occur in three weeks of fighting. thousands of homes damaged or destroyed tens of thousands internally displaced and well over a thousand killed inside gaza's main hospital in its burns unit are a small fraction of the surviving injured this girl three years old.
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this israel is demolished the house of this family so we deceived her mother two brothers with severe burns. this morning. this woman is a very severe condition. she presented to us about five days ago with her son and her husband her son and husband died with severe burns and she's still. surviving with a very critical condition the doctors and nurses here look as stunned as the civilians who survived in heavily bombarded areas it's hard to imagine how the medical staff can cope with these truly horrendous cases human being if i see whole families the killed under the rubble of their house the house. when these people and all the family is killed in one of the instances i have
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a child here he was all the time claimed he lost all his families he lost his father his mother his brother is a grandfather and all the time he's crying he wants his father his mother so i closed the door of my office and i sat crying here those that survived this war will have to bat the physical and psychological scars for years to come. as for what weaponry is causing these injuries it's not entirely clear. having is very severe the magnitude of destruction of the of the human beings those ones are intended to kill mass mass casualties of people with bodies and faces bearing. on the ground it feels as if during this war israel is fixed on stopping harasses rockets once and for all regardless of the incredible civilian toll.
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the attack on the school comes after a severe bombardment of the gallus a strip that saw the only power station there destroyed the international house already denounced the destruction of the plant calling it quote collective punishment for palestinians the electricity shortages will harm already devastated region worsening the problems with the water supply and medical care. a former israeli earth force officer believes her country's tactics are hard to condone. and think that. to make a phone call or send a message or drop a tiny bomb minutes before you. destroy a tire house and to think that the fact that we noticed them five or ten minutes before is enough to sentence five or ten or twenty five people to death is something immoral i don't think that even in times of war we can do whatever we want without boundaries the reaction as you probably know in here. are not very
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gentle but i'm not sure it's only the public we see when our officials in our government ministers a government calls to raise gaza to flatten whole neighborhoods in gaza well this is sort of violence that have to you know to be drawn down to the people so the sentiment this is a very harsh it's hard to make any criticism these days in the israel but they do believe that this is our obligation as israelis who care about our future to make those statements and to speak out. you know on going operation in gaza has already seen more than twelve hundred people killed with israel getting little support from across the world on the death toll keeps on growing in the latest israeli attack at least fifteen palestinians were killed and more than one hundred injured a busy market in gaza was targeted by the israeli or forced was during the humanitarian truce proclaimed by tel of the earlier today which was denounced as
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a publicist a stand by him. we are right across the on fulling events in palestine if you want to find out more log on to our website r t dot com where you can find the latest pictures analysis and eyewitness reports as always click away. living on the u.s. has expanded its list of individual economic sanctions against russia building on the measures we announced two weeks ago the united states is imposing new sanctions and key sectors of the russian economy washington's once again pick some of russia's biggest financial pillars take v.t. be for example as the country's second largest bank the group operates in europe asia and africa one of its subsidiaries the bank of mosque was also on the list another major institution riches agricultural bank which funds the farming sector has been hit as well all are now barred from u.s. capital markets should they apply for medium or long term loans also on the list
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the united building corporation that is russia's largest holding in the field and will be prevented from important certain equipment account reports on what's behind the new measures. president obama was asked if this tension could effectively mean the beginning of a new cold war he disagreed he said he does not see another cold war coming but that's not the way many people see it there was a hearing in the u.s. congress several hours before the president's announcement or you could hear the usual voices calling for increasing tensions and pressure on russia and then there was this one congressman the chairman of the house foreign affairs committee who offered a different perspective you know after the soviet union fell there was a tremendous potential to make a friend of tremendous potential they withdraw their troops from eastern europe. the russians. were open to all kinds of interacting and being come in part of the
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world community and. a tremendous opportunity i should say was squandered in the last few weeks we've seen. one after another not even related to the crisis in ukraine the u.s. has just announced its conclusion that russia violated an arms control treaty from one thousand nine hundred seven american officials say russia tested cruise missiles as early as two thousand and eight so this accusation has been years in the making but u.s. officials to formally announce this accusation now when the tension between moscow and washington is already high on the other side of the atlantic the u.k. government announced an inquiry into the death of alexander litvinenko that he was poisoned in two thousand and six in london whether or not that case will ever be close to russia will be the headlines for weeks to related to a murder case then in the netherlands the international arbitration court has ruled in favor of the shareholders of the defunct oil company and ordered to pay about
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fifty billion dollars in damages that lawsuit was ten years old now officials in all these countries say the decisions had nothing to do with the current tense political environment but the events did a lot of questions about timing. believes the u.s. . as using the sanctions as an excuse to crack down on russia for its independent point of view which is not aligned with washington's the other reason according to the foreign ministry is designed to help the u.s. with its own trade and economy economists mox wolf believes u.s. firms will be trying to slip past the new restrictions. little bit hard to nail down exactly but there will be serious potential public relations as well as regulatory fallout so i do think you're going to see folks make a good faith effort to first understand what exactly this means and then to very quickly especially given again the really short timeframe here quickly be compliant with what they think exactly this means as it becomes hopefully more clear in the
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days ahead. e.u. leaders have bought the u.s. sanctions they also agreed to impose their own measures on russia which could potentially hurt the country's financial and energy sectors plus eight more names on three companies have been added to its own blacklist peter all of our house more e.u. leaders have put forward sweeping sanctions against russia in a joint statement the president of the european council home and been wrong be the head of the european commission or as a manuel but also said that these sanctions were intended to send a strong warning to russia where is previously sanctions imposed by the e.u. it targeted individuals or one particular company these are targeting huge sect is the russian economy so what they are looking at is energy where russia will have restricted access to technologies in the financial sector will be blocking russian access to e.u. funds that are available and in defense a. binding both the import and export of weapons into or out of russia however any
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previously existing contracts won't be affected by the us and these sanctions are expected to come into effect on the first of all this will be reviewed after three months whereby they can be scrapped all continued depending on what european leaders decide. global oil giant b.p. has said in a statement it's not affected by the sanctions against russia the company whoever believes this could change in the future if further pressure is placed on moscow but it's not just b.p. more and more western companies are concerned about the way they do business with russia for many the country is a perfect place to use advanced drilling technology from the e.u. on the u.s. which is now impossible under the new restrictions this could hurt moscow's plans to dig into the resource laden arctic but this would also we begin to national players without access to these reserves plus some of russia's exports include.
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titanium will be off the shopping list companies like boeing are likely to see their money fracturing costs skyrocket and the chairperson obvious of european businesses in russia believes political and business interests conflict in you is a very bad idea it's a very bad idea and we already said that it is a bad idea and we reconfirmed that is a very by the ideas because it's not only the couldn't go pressure of course it's not only it we also couldn't you know you and also the korean the trade between russia and ukraine is very important we think that. the. russian market is a market so this is a bit of perspective here we are you are up for a long. lived so we are here for a long. long as. the put a dish and evolutional to bespeak he said action city's we are not really in the
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same into the same thing of course being forest it would be difficult but we are very confident that is in it is that even in next situation will improve. russian stock markets grew slightly today the spike the sanctions being a nine style xander prosperity coffee's an investment banker and partner at lake shore international thinks traders are optimistic that sanctions might not last all that long given the fact that the same shows are not as harsh as we thought they would be especially given the three month period after which the sanctions will have to be renewed european union will have to vote for the sanctions which we need to do to get back to normal and this is not a big probability that would have happened because this usually happened then that the financial world prepares for the worst and then it's not as bad as you expect and you get a slight correction yeah you know this is what happened like we sort of hit the whole world was was in the red zone and russia was the only market trading in the
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green and this is just because of the sell on the rumors why in fact as these. sanctions expire in ninety days what should we read into that that they only last for a finite amount of time will have a lot of pressure in terms of raising capital for the banks that are involved in the sanctions. or stayed on being as they are they can get funding from this they can get on the central bank in three months period i don't think they plan to issue any bourne's that you showed them during the last month and two ones that you greece several billion dollars from the european investors so there was not so this is more positive news for those. coming up in our to international a full charm offensive for african leaders in washington we look at what might be driving president obama's attempts to win hearts minds and influence across africa .
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cross-talk rules in effect get into can jump in anytime you want. if you drive people away from the dollar many people now it must be sitting there saying gosh if we have u.s. dollars and the u.s.
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decides they don't like us they're going to put sanctions on us so people more and more people would say maybe i should use the u.s. dollar. welcome back to the program at least twenty seven people have reportedly been killed in just three days in one ukrainian city the army continues its artillery attacks in the east greystock stuck in was not what i want you know when you expose. girls feel if you're going to go to war. you know you're going to go. this is. the. this is
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a part of these religious movements and they. were there for the. first. meeting as it was the movie you know the truth was literally just. they heavy a strike fell on the city of coral off which witness the twenty four hour long attack several apartment blocks a school on a kindergarten were destroyed on monday seventeen people were killed including three children in neighboring lugansk artillery hit a retirement home killing five people trying to hide or flee from the fighting on a daily basis five or ten reshelve fired from ukraine have reportedly exploded next to a russian border checkpoint russian territory has repeatedly come under fire and now a group of international observers has arrived after the scene here to inspect the situation visited a village that lies just across the river from ukraine he asked locals what is it
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like to live next to a combat zone these people aren't at war with anyone and yet it's their homes that are being shelled. the residents of this russian village say artillery and gunfire usually start when it gets dark forcing them to flee their homes for safety the ongoing conflict in nearby ukraine has now moved into their own backyard the residents here are able to see the fighters of the national guard without any special equipment this particular house is located right on the russian ukraine border right beyond that river yes you know not but they are nothing but i'll fins are always packed and bacon is now useless bullets are flying and right into our yards. locals have a chance to find shelter elsewhere in the region far from the area of combat but not everyone can just up and leave and all gaze a nurse at a psychiatric hospital and says it's hard to comfort her patients while the area gets shelled by layer which in theory the patients are scared it's hard to explain
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it all to mentally ill people would tell them its founder we hide under blankets and dive under the bed room it's hard for children as well to understand why their homes are being targeted but they already know what to do when hearing the sound of a rocket or gunfire out of the good we went to the town to hide to escape from here there are huge borg attacks here much of this in a way bunch of blacks are still going very scared especially at night their window panes are shaking and i'm crying these youngsters seem to take the threat of shelling quite bravely but that's not the case in all the families on the other person. my daughter is so scared she doesn't even leave the house she cries and i even don't know how to help her russian border crossings with ukraine in nearby villages have been shelled numerous times over the last month one civilian have been killed and several houses destroyed as these people are dragged into someone
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else's battle room on calls for of artsy russian ukrainian border. this scene is from the west of ukraine the meeting against the government's efforts for military mobilization a deputy got his her polled by the angry crowd after he called the young men who refused to go to war colleagues. online for you right now putting a gloss on the horrors in iraq islamic extremists release a video showing the mass executions they have carried out in the area they've declared their own caliphate. also a top ebola doctor on sierra leone's only specialise in the virus has fallen victim to a rapidly spreading i break of the incurable killer find out more on our t.v. dot com. right on the scene. first for you and i think that you're.
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on a reporter's twitter. and instagram. live in the little. lead. in less than a week forty seven african heads of state will depart for washington d.c. for the first ever continent wide u.s. african leaders summit but many believe the historic event is designed not just to strengthen ties but also the counter china's ever growing economic influence in the region but i'll bet you me as a kiwi from the pan-african news wire things china is already well ahead in the battle for hearts and minds on the continent many african opinion makers and analysts have said that the relationship between china and africa and the poles the relationship between africa and the united states has many advantages for
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the african people the chinese interventions have resulted in infrastructural developments where there is a extensive history of exploitation of relations between the united states and other western european countries visa v the african continent i believe that the obama administration is late taking this initiative but i think it's very important for him to be somehow in the hands the image of the united states on the after continent. to some other news from iran the world at least six people hopping killed after a woman blew herself up in a college in northern nigeria the suicide bomber targeted youths in what's already the fifth attack in this week alone most of the assault something car died by females the incident is believed to be linked to boko haram an islamist militant group fighting against the government. in libya and rival militias fighting
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for control of tripoli airport have agreed to a temporary ceasefire to last firefighters to extinguish a huge blaze on a fuel depo there the fire first started several days ago when the site was hit by a rocket during gun battles in all france has sent a military vessel to evacuate forty of its citizens from the country and. the ambassador as well as seven british nationals it also temporarily closed its embassy in tripoli just a few days after the u.s. did the same. so this video shows a sporran pier in southern england blazing after a fire broke out inside one of its buildings tourist shopkeepers were evacuated by police the fire reportedly started after wood pummelling in one of the rooms caught light both more than a century ago the iconic landmark starred in a number of films on t.v. shows. just so than rumania were severe floods have left whole villages
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submerged three people have been killed and several hundreds were forced to flee their homes the rains also caused landslides and destroyed bridges while many roads in the region have been left blocked by mud and debris three helicopters have been sent to flooded areas while the army the spots dozens of troops to help the rescue efforts. up next peter lavelle on gas discuss what washington's containment policy actually means about some crosstalk if you're watching us in the u.k. afshin rattansi talks art politics and why the cia infiltrated bloc student movements in the sixty's what's going on the ground. world. science technology innovation all the lives developments from
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around russia we've gone to the future covered. move. to show you know where you. can. come.
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in fish farms waters they have the pond of me because. i size spread all over norway is the most toxic food you have in the whole world good profit drama zones an additional inquiry furthermore tells restrictions. that. really knows what's inside the filet of fish.
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hello and welcome to cross talk where all things are considered on peter lavelle after the famous but failed washington moscow we said it appears now the obama administration is preparing to embrace a very different though historically familiar policy towards russia it's called containment it worked during the cold war against the soviet union will work against today's russia and does this mean washington has declared a new cold war. to cross-talk washington spinning of containment i'm joined by my guest stephen cohen in new york he is a professor emeritus of russian studies and politics at new york university and princeton university and author of the recent book so.